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  • FY 720
  • FY 728
  • FY 734
    • Wind leaves Four Salt Plains. He travels the desert.
  • FY 737
  • FY 745
    • Bronze's father dies, adopted by the mercenary unit Red Fang
  • FY 746
  • FY 747
    • The Azure Phoenix enlists in Lookshy
    • Ebon Jade Duskchild born Ragara Jade Ewellen at a Southern House Ragara stratapy on the edge of the woods between Kirighast and Thorns.
  • FY 748
  • FY 750
    • Wind returns to Four Salt Plains and Exalts. He departs again. He travels among the barbarians of the South, and is next seen in Chiaroscuro in the company of the neomah Isha, where he occasionally reappears for the next 18 years.
  • FY 754
    • The Azure Phoenix loses his hand at the Battle of Mishaka and becomes a citizen of Lookshy
  • FY 757
    • The Azure Phoenix exalts at Denandsor, then begins wandering south and doing repair work
  • FY 757
    • An outbreak of the Great Contagion causes Jade's family to send her to safety in Kirighast.
  • FY 760
    • Pirates raid the ship returning Jade to her family's lands and capture everyone on board. The pirate ship puts into Great Forks, and Jade is purchased by a Chiaroscuran to be taken to the Tri-Kahn's court as a pleasure slave.
  • FY 761
  • FY 763
    • Rose exalts during a bandit raid on Ruby-Touched River. Her father, along with several other village residents, die, but many are saved thanks to Rose's medical knowledge and healing Charms.
    • The Tri-Kahn frees Jade and provides her an escort home and an ancient oricalcum plasma tongue repeater. The group make it to Thorns just months before the fall. Jade exalts after a Wyld Barbarian attack on her camp as she is about to the raped by the tribe's god. Her exalting action: kill the god.
    • Jade's father banishes her from his lands; she changes her name and begins wandering the South.
    • Glorious Wren exalts during the First Battle of the Frozen Ford, also known as the Moonless Strife. She rallies a routed army to crush the Haslanti league forces.
  • FY 765
    • Bronze exalts and, in a fit of rage, annihilates rival mercenary unit Shadow Hand. He breaks from the Red Fang officially, but continues to travel with them.
  • FY 768
    • Game Begins
    • The circle of Sagacious Maiden of Rose, Whisper Iron Wind, The Azure Phoenix Ascendant, Ebon Jade Duskchild, and Crushing Soul of Bronze is joined in Chiaroscuro. Following an altercation, they travel south, to Ruby-Touched River and then to a forgotten library and governing-manse they would later call Sanctuary.
    • A First Age broadcasting device leads them to Kirighast and the Sidereal Exalt Rain, who offers aid and support along with Fleet Brilliance and May Blossom.
    • The Azure Phoenix discovers a First Age trading vessel, inhabited by the descendants of its original maintainers. They are overjoyed at the thought of leaving, and plans are made to bring them down securely.
    • The circle locates a cluster of desmenses north of Sanctuary. One is inhabited by a desert tribe of Wyld cultists, another is held by the Fair Folk Girath, and the third is an oasis suitable for settling the airship survivors.
    • Wind unilaterally christens the oasis desmense Southhaven and declares himself king, so as to negotiate more effectively with Girath. Girath is convinced to swear fealty and provides another Raksha to build the freehold of Southhaven, hiding them from Fate.
    • The settlers of the airship are successfully relocated.
    • May Blossom informs the circle of a window of opportunity to seize the Lap. Plans are drawn up and executed rapidly. The manse and First Age technology of the Lap are seized by stealth, and its many functions discerned.
  • FY 769
    • The Azure Phoenix caps the desert manse, raising Nascent Glory using the labor of the Wyld cult and summoned demons. The cult promises loyalty in return for protection and a promise not to disturb their rituals.
    • Wind, aided by Fleet, May, and Rain, draws up a new Charter of the Solar Deliberative.
    • The circle trains in their abilities, and seeks out new artifacts to wield.
    • Rain, May, and Fleet lead Tatcys to Sanctuary, where she joins the circle and the nascent Deliberative. Crushing Soul of Bronze departs on a mission of his own.
  • FY 770/Year of the Deliberative 1
    • Mortals belonging to the Delvers Guild are caught exploring the lower levels of Sanctuary. After a brief “discussion”, they agree to seek fortune elsewhere on the circle's behalf.
    • Spurred by The Bull of the North, the Realm withdraws troops from its garrisons in the southern coastal cities. The circle plots to take Kirighast through diplomacy.
    • The circle arrives in Kirighast as the “Southhaven Guardian Alliance.” After several days of negotiation, the circle is tasked with the security of the Kingdom. The Dragon Blooded garrison, including Tepet Whiteblade withdraws to the Realm, bearing a letter with the circles's claim to Kirighast. Fate takes notice of the circle's activities.
    • The Azure Pheonix raises the Heliograph for Whisper Iron Wind. Wind promptly summons Alvuea and binds her to the Azure Pheonix's service.
    • Glorious Wren departs the North with the Burning Blades, sailing ships wrested from the Realm. She travels south as an emissary of Kaneko.
  • FY 771/YD 2
    • Glorious Wren puts in near Thorns for supplies, and is assaulted by forces of Mask of Winters, lead by Mistress of the Seven Paths of Hatred. Many fall, but Wren defeats the deathknight and claims her armor as a trophy. Battered, they continue to Kirighast.
    • Wren and the Twelfth Regiment dock at Kirighast and encounter the circle. Kirighast comes under assault from Realm forces led by Kutacheo, a Dynast of unknown house; they are repelled after Kutacheo yields in a duel.
    • The circle travels east to a hidden and well-secured cavern, discovered by the Delver's Guild. They find, among other things, a departing company of Dynast Dragon-Blooded, the Delver's Guild (them having come in the back way), a few artifacts of note, and a red jade royal warstrider that is almost certainly the personal property of the Scarlet Empress. The warstrider is relocated to Nascent Glory.
    • May Blossom reveals the warstrider to be a trap set for the Empress, designed to relay her knowledge and agenda to an unknown party. The warstrider is buried in Southhaven for safety. Wren meets May Blossom and Fleet Brilliance.
    • The circle travels to the North, courtesy of the transport abilities of the demon Alvuia, to deliver a Glorious Transceiver of Resplendent Accord to Yurgen Kaneko, in order to communicate and coordinate more effectively.
    • Their return trip goes far astray, however, this places them in position explore a desert manse containing one of the receiver/broadcaster units. They return to Sanctuary to study and plan for some months.
    • Deathknights and undead forces are sighted to the northeast of Khirigast. Several companies of the 12th Spear's lichtinfanterieklinge are tasked with keeping the area well-scouted, though they are warned not to engage deathknights without heavy backup, if at all.
    • Wren raises the House of Three Blades and begins recruiting heavily for the Army of the Sun.
  • FY 772/YD 3
    • Following reports of undead activity, the circle flies to the mountain fort of Halgren Pass1). There, they fight off an undead assault force. They encounter two deathknights sworn to Mask of Winters. The deathknights declare vendetta against Glorious Wren, and announce that this is a warning of things to come. Wren attempts to engage them, but they escape.
    • The Army of the Sun marches under Wren's orders: the vorwartsflamme to Halgren Pass, and a company each of light infantry and cavalry (with sapper support) to the three other main fortified chokepoints between Kirighast and Thorns. Wren begins planning other ways to fortify and counter the oncoming assault.
    • While scouting, Glorious Wren and Ebon Jade Duskchild are ambushed by five deathknights working in concert (two of which they had encountered previously). Shortly into the fight, the deathknights withdraw.
    • Concerned, Jade secretly takes a chariot north to check her family's holdings. When she sees them evacuating, she is sufficiently concerned to relay this fact to Wren, who immediately departs to check the situation, accompanied by Jade. Jade is forced to reveal herself, and chooses to leave rather than force the situation. Wren departs as well, dissatisfied.
    • The circle locates the deathknights at a shadowed manse, and assaults them from the air. The battle is won, but not without loss. An ominous vapor issues from the ground when the last of the deathknights falls.
    • The Great Contagion breaks out near the site of the battle. Forces of Creation and Yu Shan begin to respond. For the first time since the Usurpation, the Chosen of the Sun address the assembly of Heaven.
  • FY 773/YD 4 - FY 823/YD 54
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