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The House of Three Blades

Understanding is a three-edged sword. Your side, their side, and the truth.
- Icewalker proverb

The House of Three Blades is the primary training center for the Army of the Sun. It encompasses three levels of instruction: basic and specializing training for military service, advanced strategic and theoretical doctrine for command rank, and individual instruction under Glorious Wren herself for soldiers who are capable of wielding Essence.

Its emblem is a three-pointed star with curved blades. Graduates of the basic course are entitled to wear this device. Graduates of the advanced course are entitled to wear a device consisting of the star superimposed on a downward-pointing sword. Those who are have awakened Essence may placed the three-pointed star over the background of an eight-pointed sunburst (resembling the Dawn caste mark) as well.

Game Mechanics

The House of Three Blades is a four dot solar aspected manse. It is part of a cluster of manses that make up The Might of Heaven. It possesses the following features:

  • Seven Leaping Dragon Stone (4)
  • Armored (3)
  • Evermind Node (accesses some Evermind archives) (2)
  • Network Node (interacts with other manses, to be added later) (1)
  • Well Flavored Aspect (1)
  • Minor Conveniences (1)