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The Might of Heaven

The Might of Heaven is a tight cluster of manses centered around the House of Three Blades. It includes the House itself, the twin atalier manses Sword and Ploughshare, the Abbyssal manse Abhorant and the small outlying earth and fire manses, Stubborn and Repentant.


Abhorant is the perfect training ground for those who would do battle with the enemies of creation. Carefully circled with towers, this desecrated swath of land exactly simulates the conditions in a shadowland. Furthermore, its fluid nature allows the hearthstone bearer to shift the terrain, creating any environment or conditions he desires as though he were applying Wyld Shaping Technique to the deep wyld. Other characters may likewise shape the manse if they possess the appropriate charms or skills. Unlike the wyld, Abhorant tends to retain whatever characteristics it was last given, though it slowly degenerates back to a large field of grass. No shaping can remove the unnatural chill that pervades the area.

  • Abyssal 4
  • Habitability 1
  • Wyld Revocation (3)
  • Ice Gem (4)
  • Shadowland (3)
  • Greater Veil of Shadows (3)


Sword is a 4 dot Earth aspected Atelier manse dedicated to the craft of fire. It is staffed by a small contigent of monks, and is currently churning out weapons and armor for the use of the armies at the House of Three Blades. It has the following statistics:

  • Atalier Manse (4, requires maintenance 3)
  • Jewel of the Master's Hand (3)
  • Evermind Node (2)
  • The Silent Voice (3)
  • Provider (3)


Ploughshare is Sword's twin, a second 4 dot Earth manse dedicated to the craft of wood. It is likewise staffed by monks, And produces clothing and similar neccesities for the House of Three Blades.

  • Atalier Manse (4, requires maintenance 3)
  • Stone of Temperance (3)
  • Evermind Node (2)
  • The Silent Voice (3)
  • Provider (3)


Stubborn has two purposes: it provides raw ore for Sword and it provides a survival training ground for the House of Three Blades. A wide expanse of desolate, sun-blasted rock surrounds a mine dipping into the earth. A stream of carts to the Atelier Manse is the only feature for several miles in any direction. Everything of interest within its sensory range is displayed on a map in the hearthroom of the House of Three Blades, including location and condition of any people.

  • Earth 1 (3)
  • Habitability (2)
  • Hardened Spirit Gemstone (1)
  • Bound Servant Force (carts) (2)
  • Psiap's buried whiskers (1)
  • Network Node (1)


If Stubborn is desolate, Repentant is hellish. Deep in the mine, the temperature grows hot and the ore more abundant. While moderately well lit by lanterns, work in the smokey tunnels of this mine is usually sufficeint to make all but the toughest men reconsider the worth of insubordination. Fortunately, a bound servant force does the work of mining just fine without assistance.

  • Fire 1 (3)
  • Habitability (1)
  • Memorial Iron (1)
  • Bound Servant Force (Miners) (3)