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The Army of the Sun

NB: This is updated as of YD 29, two and a half decades into the Plague Years. It describes the army as it existed when the Council of the Pillars was formed.

A military force originally formed by Glorious Wren in the South that expanded rapidly following the Battle of Black Shimmering Garden to enforce the quarantine. Originally headquartered outside Kirighast, it was restaged north of the Sanddagger Mountains, and its primary administrative center eventually grew into the cities of Dammerung-Ort and Bergwachter. It is perhaps the first military force since the First Age to incorporate Solar, Celestial, and Terrestrial Exalted, enlightened mortals, gods and elementals, and even combat automata.

Force Structure

Commanding Officer: Supreme General Glorious Wren

Second: High General Tsegan Aster


The Army has seven Winds, which comprise a total of approximately 24,000 soldiers under arms. Each Wind is a strategic combined-arms force of considerable size, trained in conventional combined-arms doctrine and tactics. Of the soldiers of the Winds, approximately one-tenth are Terrestrial Exalted, and one-fifth are enlightened mortals.


Each Wind contains two or three Spears of 2,000-4,000 members each. A Spear is a tactical combined-arms unit. They break down further into specialized Blades as well as medical and engineering corps.


The Army has four Stars, which comprise a total of approximately 4,000 soldiers. A Star is a strategic combined-arms force, trained in special operations and doctrines designed to maximize their unique advantages. Solders of the Stars are required to be capable of wielding Essence, whether as Exalted, enlightened mortals, or even independently-minded spirits, and receive, in addition to other training, specialized instruction in Golden Janissary Style from Cathek Vitoc.


Each Star breaks down into multiple Points, tactical units formed on an ad-hoc basis. The exception is First Star, First Point, which carries on the banner of the Vorwartsflamme - it is Wren's personal command, a combination honor guard and all-purpose task force.


The Army has a single Gear - a force of 4,0001) combat automata forged by Azure Phoenix Ascendent. Wren is not quite certain what to do with them, and uses them primarily as quarantine guards, particularly deep in the plague zone.

Important Members

High General Tsegan Aster

Daughter of Tsegan Mal, the original commander of the 12th Spear, Tsegan Aster is an extremely capable God-Blooded mortal who serves as Wren's executive officer. She is well-respected among the army in her own right, as well as for her father's reputation. She is an accomplished martial artist of both Golden Janissary and Crimson Pentacle Blade, and has a near-genius for logistics. She sits on the Council of the Pillars as the direct representative of Glorious Wren.

General Autumn Rain Walker

Autumn Rain Walker was one of the earliest survivors of the Great Contagion; after losing his family in the first year of the plague, he lied about his age to join the army. He received the Solar Exaltation while battling off an incursion of roaming undead at the northern quarantine line. As a Zenith Caste Solar, he is a superb orator in addition to his skills with a blade. He commands the 12th Spear, which continues to hold the battle honors of the original Burning Blades, and sits on the Council of the Pillars as the representative of the Army of the Sun.

Te-oc Nom

Formerly a minor spirit in an uninteresting part of Creation, Te-oc Nom was unexpectedly advanced in importance and power when Dammerung-Ort was founded and he became god of a city, instead of a flat stretch of mostly forest. He is relatively personable, and highly protective of the city and the people who live there. He sits on the Council of the Pillars as the representative of Dammerung-Ort

General Fourfold Elegant Zephyr

To many, Zephyr is undoubtedly an enigma - her habits are strange, her language archaic, and she seems to know little of Creation. There is a simple explanation: Zephyr was one of three thousand inhabitants of a First Age aerial transport, cut off from Creation since before the Usurpation. When it was rediscovered by Phoenix Ascendent and his circle, they were settled in the colony of Southhaven. Zephyr grew restless, however, and on hearing of the growth of a new Solar-led society, left the south to travel to Dammerung-Ort. She received the Solar Exaltation during an attempted quarantine break on the eastern line. As a Solar of the Dawn caste, she is a martial artist of great power, and commander of the 2nd Spear. She sits on the Council of the Pillars as the representative of Bergwachter.

High Blademaster Cathek Vitoc

Although he holds a notional command rank, as a Dragon-Blooded of the Realm, Vitoc does not have direct control over any individual unit. He was hired by Glorious Wren for the specific purpose of teaching Golden Janissary Style at the House of Three Blades. He is not well-liked, but usually respected.


A Solar Exalt of dark mein, who holds no command and wants none. He was hired by Glorious Wren for his knowledge of Laughing Wounds Style, a disturbing martial art of Abyssal origin. Her justification was that he would provide invaluable practice in countering techniques of Abyssal origin. However, the disquiet he invokes may not turn out to be worth it.