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The Lap

The Lap is a large southern city. It is constructed entirely in the lap of a giant seated figure carved into the side of a mountain. The Lap also refers to the figure.

The City

The city has the largest Realm garrison stationed outside of the Realm.

The Figure

The Lap is capable of controling the Dragon Lines, and of altering demesnes. Access is possible through either of a pair of passages running inside the legs of the seated figure. These passages lead to a central staircase running up to the control room and down to the manse below. Like Sanctuary, this manse generates variable hearthstones.

The Control Room

The control room consists of a large round room. The front of the room is dominated by five banks of machinery, with two on the left, two in the center, and a large one to the right. Their functions are as follows:

  • Center 1 Overload a manse. This panel is melted and needs repair.
  • Center 2 Move Dragon Lines. This panel was melted, but has been repaired.
  • Right Change the affinity of a manse. This panel was melted, but has been repaired.
  • Left 1 Change the Power of a Dragon Line
  • Left 2 Security functions:
    • Barriers in the leg passages
    • Identify authorized personel
    • “Seal the Doors”
    • “Hot Lasery Death”