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The Azure Phoenix Ascendant rose to local prominance at the Battle of Mishaka. From The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, Vol. 1 - The Scavenger Lands:

  In the early summer of RY 754, Thorns took the field
again and achieved temporary success, mauling a force of
Seventh Legion and Confederation troops at Deren’s Ford.
The remaining Confederation forces fell back to Mishaka,
where the Thorns troops besieged them for several months.
Unfortunately for Thorns, this siege kept its own armies tied
down there as well, where they had to face combined forces
from Lookshy, Nexus and various Confederation states. Both
sides used First Age weapons on the battlefield, and although
the Scavenger Lands held the field at the end of the day,
all of the units involved took serious losses, with the light
foot from Great Forks being wiped out almost to a man. No
armistice was served, but the Battle of Mishaka marked the
end of the war. Thorns was too exhausted to fight on.