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Glorious Transceiver of Resplendent Accord

The Glorious Transceiver of Resplendent Accord is a crystal sphere the size of a small melon. It contains thousands of layers of the different magical materials, on various gimbals and is constantly in motion, as each layer slowly rotates. The effect is soothingly hypnotic, and if not for its more noteworthy powers, this would be a beautiful piece of art.

The Transceiver is much more than a decorative object though, when powered sufficiently, it can attune up to 10 Resplendent Personal Assistants. This attunement prevents the Assistant from attuning to a Recorder of Everlasting Glory. Attunement is a difficult process requiring that the Assistant be brought within a few feet of the Transceiver and the installation of a finely made strip of layered jade on the Assistant. This strip fits below the face of the Assistant, and is thinly layered with all five varieties of jade. Each strip is unique, with two distinct areas, making the colors displayed into a sort of code. The Transceiver allows instant communication between any two such Assistants. Committing 3 motes of essence to an Assistant allows its wearer to selectively contact any other attuned Assistants. The receiving Assistant vibrates subtly, alerting it's wearer. The jade strip on the receiving end also changes to match the sending strip. When the receiver commits 3 motes, each connected user can clearly hear anything said by any other connected user. To terminate a connection, the wearer simply uncommits the 3 motes of essence.

There are several options for powering the Transceiver. Commitment of 15 motes will power it as long as the essence user committing those motes interacts with it every few days. If the Transceiver is stored in the hearthroom of a 4 dot or higher manse, on the spot where the hearthstone forms, it will draw power from the manse and requires no other source of power. A manse used this way will not produce new hearthstones, though existing hearthstones will continue functioning. Finally, constructing a base for the Transceiver that includes a hearthstone setting will allow it to draw power from the hearthstone, reducing the essence commitment required by 5 motes per hearthstone level. A 4 or 5 dot hearthstone also removes the requirement for periodic interaction.

The Transceiver also functions as a Recorder of Everlasting Glory for every attuned Assistant.