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The Heliograph

The Heliograph is a level 3 solar aspected manse controlled by Whisper Iron Wind. On top of a sun blasted hill in the desert near Southhaven, a circle of jet black obsidian juts up through the sand. Despite the constant winds, not a grain of sand crosses its borders, and the surface is polished to a mirror finish. Even at the height of the blazing sun the diamond-hard rock always reamains slightly cool to the touch. The only irregularity on this otherwise featureless disc is a rectangular stone block at the southernmost edge.

Although remarkable in its own right, the Heliograph is a tremendous boon to any sorcerer able to unlock its powers. After having soaked up the sun every day for a month, performing a certain ritual will cause the manse to focus the accumulated light into a Gem of Sorcery (once per day, reduce mote cost of a spell by 10) at the exact center of the circle. The bearer of this hearthstone will find the Heliograph to be a tremendous boon to spellcasting, as beams of light trace the arcane symbols necesary for any spell, and the manse's stored sunlight provides some of the power for the casting (all spell costs reduced by 10 motes or by half, whichever is less). Additionally, while not aware, the manse can provide some assistance to the sorcerer, earning an automatic 4 successes on any Lore, Occult, Presence or Performance roll it would be required to make. On top of this, the Heliograph adds one die to all of a solar aspected hearthstone bearer's actions, so long as they are within its bounds.

Finally, the Heliograph can link to other manses, providing a record of activities and spellcasting undertakane there for later review.


  • +9 Solar 3
  • +2 Habitability 2
  • 3 Rainbow Tabernacle
  • 3 Ability Enlightenment (Lore, Occult, Presence, Performance)
  • 3 Gem of Sorcery
  • 1 Well Flavored Aspect
  • 1 Network Node