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Southhaven is the realm in the South claimed by Whisper Iron Wind. At the moment, its holdings include the freehold also called Southhaven, the freehold Stones Birth Flame just north of that, and the territories extending outward. Its southern border ends just north of Sanctuary1).

Under an agreement with Azure Phoenix Ascendant, Wind specifically does not claim sovereignty over the manse of Nascent Glory. However, the limits of this negotiation have yet to be tested.


Southhaven is the personal fiefdom of Whisper Iron Wind, and he manages it directly when possible. When he is away, the city is managed by those of his advisers who remain. It is not yet large or populous enough to require a more formal system of government.

As per the requirements of the Charter, Wind maintains a privy council. At present, it is not full, due to a lack of suitable personnel. His discretionary appointees are the neomah Isha, the raksha Girath, and three of the refugees, all with leadership experience and useful skills: the craftsman and scholar Tien Jhu, quartermaster Angarin Maaset, and martial artist Fourfold Elegant Zephyr 2).

Capital City

The freehold from which the kingdom takes its name is located under the lake of an oasis, and is home to several thousand refugees from a First Age aerial transport. Almost without exception, they were eager to leave, given that they had remained on the transport for hundreds of generations. However, they were unaware of the Usurpation or the current state of Creation. Due to concerns over the astrological impact of bringing them down, the circle made the decision to construct a freehold, hiding them from Fate.

In Wind's absence, Southhaven is ruled by his privy council. The arcana of managing the freehold belongs to Iis, sworn vassal of Girath.

In addition to the natural defenses of a freehold, Fourfold Elegant Zephyr has been placed in charge of building and training a city militia. Wind hopes that they may develop into a capable armed force.

The refugees are grateful to the circle for giving them the chance to leave the airship, and intensely loyal to Wind personally, as he's spent a fair amount of time among them cultivating their respect and admiration3).


Due to the powers of a freehold, the city of Southhaven needs little from the outside. Nonetheless, Wind is leery of letting it grow too insular, and waits for the day that it can spread out and open trade relations. At the moment, though, its impact on the larger region is practically zero, just the way the circle wanted it.

if I remember the map right - if it's further north than a few days ride, Wind probably doesn't claim that far yet
I made up those names. Complain if need be. They're all mortals, probably heroic. Fourfold Elegant Zephyr may even be initiated into Terrestrial Martial Arts, at Fitz's discretion.
and dropping social-fu charms