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Tatcys was born in Chiaroscuro to a single mother named Magryt. Magryt was a hardened soldier and loyal subject of Paragon who, during a particularly violent trade war, was betrayed by her superiors and left to die before the enemy. She escaped with severe and crippling injuries and was picked up and taken to Chiaroscuro by passing traders. Conceived in unknown circumstances, Tatcys was born into the urban peasantry of her mother, who was crippled beyond military service and was forced to find work wherever she could.

The relationship between the two was a particularly intense and loving mutual dependence: Magryt taught Tatcys everything she knew about combat which Tatcys used to survive and thrive on the streets, providing income for the family and friends through streetfighting, pickpocketing, and erotic dancing. By age 16, Tatcys had gained a reputation as a benevolent hoodlum and gathered a small but devoted gang of close friends. She fought sporadically for Chiaroscuro as a mercenary until exalting at 21. She left the city seeking followers to revolt against local governments, particularly that of Paragon. While in a nearby village tending to some cast-offs, she was transported to heaven by the Sidereals and there met the circle.

Tatcys, due in no small part from the experiences of her mother, began early on to dislike and distrust the authorities of the Realm and the city, a feeling that deeply intensified to the point of exaltation due to several traumatic experiences fighting for Chiaroscuro. Like her mother, she felt betrayed and under attack from all sides, and adopted the cause of the destruction of beaurocratic, impersonal, and unjustified authority in the Realm as her motivation. She has particular loyalties to her mother and the cause of the urban peasantry, with a compulsion for thrift with money and stealing things of value stemming from her poverty.

A quick-witted and attractive but coarse and manipulative woman, Tatcys has medium reddish-brown skin, stark white hair, and deep maroon eyes.Her exaltation favored her for Night caste, though she is a superior melee fighter in a swashbuckling style with high skills in martial arts, war, seductive performance, and resistance. She has a particularly high conviction, but has a stress breaking point in which she reactively seeks the protection of her mother.

Recent Developments

Tatcys is the head of Coleopt'a, a small Chiaroscuro-based gang of trained rogues which has recently begun generating a steady income through legitimate (dancing) and illegitimate (stealing, assassinations) means.


  • Orichalcum Reaver Daiklave with mounted Jewel of Flying Heart
  • Exceptional Cestus
  • Buckler
  • Orichalcum Breastplate
  • Orichalcum Bracers
  • Cheap and fancy overcloaks