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12th Spear, the Burning Blades

NB: following the Battle of Black Shimmering Garden and the beginning of the Plague Years, this article is essentially historical. Updated information may be found under the entry for the Army of the Sun.

The emblem of the 12th Spear is a pale blue sword, upright, wreathed in yellow flames. Of the armies of the Bull, it is formed of the men (and women) most experienced in non-conventional combat - skirmish and guerrilla tactics, logistical warfare, naval maneuvers, even the occasional aerial assault (high ice cliffs + carefully designed machinery = surprise!). Their tactical flexibility and wide range of collective experience made them the obvious choice to send south.

Officers of the Spear

Erststangemeister Tsegan Mal - Force commander of the Burning Blades, now executive officer to Wren. He's not thrilled about being displaced, but his personal loyalty to the Bull is beyond question; also, he's hardly going to argue, especially considering the circumstances. Mal is a heroic mortal with multiple commands under his belt.

“Kommodor” Marching Gale - A fisherman before joining the Blades, Marching Gale is the most skilled sailor in the spear; Wren appointed him acting Kommodor to assist her on the naval journey.


Vorwartsflamme (“Forward Flame”): The elite forward heavy infantry company of the spear. Consists of the most capable and best equipped soldiers Wren can field. Equipped with heavy battle-axes, reinforced breastplates, and what alchemical and thaumaturgical aid they're able to gather and use. The vorwartsflamme took the heaviest losses at Thorns. Technically commanded by Oberstleutnant Gotrek Icehammer, a heroic mortal of no small skill; however, they are often led in battle by Glorious Wren herself.

Lichtinfanterieklinge: Light infantry blade. Generally fielded as two or three kompanien. Capable of filling a variety of roles. Equipped with straight swords, shields, self bows, and lamellar armor.

Kavallerieklinge: Calvary blade: Generally fielded as two kompanien. Light horse cavalry, specializing in skirmishes, raiding, and flanking maneuvers. Equipped with lances, straight swords, self bows, and lamellar armor. Wren tends to underestimate their capabilities, as she herself is a poor rider and dislikes horses.

Bogenschutzeklinge: Archery blade. Generally fielded as a single force, though may be broken up into two kompanien as necessary. Ranged support, providing covering fire for other forces. Equipped with straight swords, longbows, and reinforced buff jackets.

Pioniertruppe: Combat engineers. A short company of sappers. Those of the 12th are particularly skilled in non-obvious solutions and improvisation.

Notes on Organization

The armies of the Bull of the North are organized in the following way:

  • Army: The Bull has a single army, commanded by himself, partitioned into three winde (winds).
  • Wind: A combined arms unit led by a kriegsherr (warlord) roughly equivalent to a modern division. Each wind consists of five stangen (spears).
  • Stange: A combined arms unit led by a erststangemeister or zweitstangemeister (first or second spearmaster), roughly equivalent to a modern regiment. Each stange consists of four to six klingen (blades).
  • Klinge: A specialized unit led by a klingemeister (blademaster), roughly equivalent to a modern battalion. A klinge may operate as a single force, or be split into two to five kompanien (companies).
  • Kompanie: A specialized unit led by an oberstleutnant (lieutenant colonel), similar to a modern company. Generally the smallest independent force fielded by the Bull, or at least the smallest that matters on a strategic scale. On a tactical level, a kompanie has three to five schlage (strikes).
  • Schlag: The smallest mass combat unit anyone actually cares about. Led by a leutnant (lieutenant).