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FY 773/YD 4 - FY 823/YD 54: A New Solar Dominion

Group Plans

The Great Contagion

Obviously, it must be contained, and preferably eliminated. This should be considered a constant high priority.

Maintain Order

Very little is going to get done if, for example, the Realm collapses into civil war, the Fair Folk invade, the Ebon Dragon shows up with an armageddon machine, etc.

The Deliberative

Locate it where? A new city, manse, or city-manse? The Lap?

What about on a helicarrier?

Once established, Wren is probably willing to step into a military leadership role, and is likely a good choice for it. Mostly depending on whether she thinks it is an actual potential force for Great Justice! that she can contribute to, or a disaster waiting to happen.

Individual Plans

Glorious Wren

  • Settle the Army of the Sun as a major actor in the south-east; continue building it through several generations
  • Expand her mastery of martial arts, and research ways to combat the Deathlords
  • Crush Thorns and obliterate Mask of Winters

Crushing Soul of Bronze

  • Wander and recruit others

Azure Phoenix Ascendant

  • Secure Denandsor
  • Deal with potential demon problem
    • Apparantly, the Ebon Dragon obsesively checks who has it's demons bound. It doesn't do anything, but it wants to know where they are. Though, seizing control of lesser demons is approximatly as distasteful to the Yozis as: Driving to New York (3rd), driving to New York to crawl through a small pipe there (2nd), driving to NY to get a cavity search and crawl through a sewer pipe (1st). They'll do it if there's a good reason, but not only is it unpleasant, but there's progressively less useful; that comes out of it.
    • The canonical limit profile for Alvuea is Hunter (S&S p.92), because that really means that the demon likes challenges. That seems kind of boring; it'd be much more interesting as Ecstatic or Vizier.
  • Grow Religion

Azure Pheonix Timeline

Ebon Jade Duskchild

  • Secure Chiaroscuro and surrounding regions
  • Hopes to take steps involving stabilizing the Realm
  • Gain familiarity with the Solar Circle of Adamant
  • Manse?

Sagacious Maiden of Rose

  • Research and treat the Great Contagion
  • Keep Phoenix from blowing up the damn world with demons and shit. =P

Pre-Ordained Events

  • ~FY 793: The Great Contagion breaks its twenty-year quarantine.
  • ~FY 813: Lytek arrives with a specific message in mind.

Territory Notes

Blessed Isle

The Realm is not long for this world. It must be either stabilized or replaced, probably before FY 785.

Scavenger Lands

Airlifting a considerable portion of the military power of Lookshy may have caused all kinds of regional instability.


With Kaneko at least temporarily in the south-east, the Haslanti league might try something. This would be a major concern of his and Wren's, and they would almost certainly confront one of the Sidereals about it (probably Fleet Brilliance).


Might be fun to play with boats?


Ascendant has nominal control of the mechanism of the Lap. It might be time to take the city, if only to prevent someone else from doing something horrible with our big shiny toy.

Jade plans to hold Chiaroscuro and environs, particularly once the current Tri-Khan dies.

Once Burning Sands dies, Wren will probably have de facto control of the Kirighast region. She has little interest in ruling it directly, but will oversee the a regional council to tend to the needs of the population, oversee trade and supply lines, and keep the peace. As time goes on, new settlements will inevitably develop along the quarantine line north of Kirighast, a sure consequence of stationing soldiers there for such an extended period of time. The transformation of the current Army of the Sun into what amounts to a new, militant, Solar-founded civilization will be worth exploring.


Ascendant is best poised to see to Denandsor, or at least, to keep people out of it until something useful can be accomplished.

Working Timeline

FY 773/YD 4 - The Beginning

  • Wren begins studying sorcery, Sidereal martial arts, and the necromancy of the First Age1) for ways to combat the Deathlords. This study is the backdrop of all her future efforts.

FY 774/YD 5

  • Wren continues to recruit for the Army of the Sun. The Second Spear reaches combat status and joins the quarantine force. Specialized sifus are hired to provide additional martial arts instruction to enlightened mortals and other Essence-wielders of the army.

FY 775/YD 6

  • Ascendent and Wren Start supplementing the quarantine with automata.

FY 776/YD 7

FY 784/YD 11

  • The staging headquarters of the Army of the Sun, 12th Spear, located north of the quarantine line, completes its transformation into Dammerung-Ort, the City of Dawn, when Wren is forced by logistical requirements to enact a civil government to oversee it.
  • Azure Pheonix's Limit Breaks again

FY 786/YD 17

FY 787/YD 24

  • The Azure Pheonix all but disappears. He is seen infrequently, and even more occasionally mentions some “great project

FY 793/YD 24

  • The quarantine is breached; the Great Contagion spreads
  • Burning Sands, King of Kirighast, dies. Glorious Wren and Ebon Jade Duskchild speak with local leaders to appoint the Council of Kirighast from a mix of mortals, outcaste Terrestrials, and local gods to oversee local governance.
  • Glorious Wren learns much on the nature of the Deathlords, and how their schemes might be foiled.

FY 798/YD 29

  • The staging headquarters of the Army of the Sun, 2nd Spear, located west of the quarantine line, becomes the second military base to require a civil authority as it becomes Bergwachter. Bergwachter and Dammerung-Ort, as natural allies, form the Pillars: the foundation for a new regional power loyal to Wren, the Solar Exalted, and the Unconquered Sun.

FY 803/YD 34

FY 803/YD 34

  • The Pheonix crafts and has implanted several further biomagitech augmentations, including Aegis-Inset Amulets, a trio of skin mount amulets, and Bracers of Universal Crafting.

FY 807/YD 38

  • Azure Pheonix finishes his bodyguards and begins writing missives for posting in cities near the borders of the Adamant Order, as well as for in the pillars.

FY 781/YD 40

  • The Pheonix forges many new artifacts, including a cloak of the raptor, several resplendant satchels of healing, rings of vanishing escape, an omniscient literary advisor linked to the Evermind, several sets of Essence Flare Pillars, several boxes of windslave disks of both types, cache eggs of various levels, significant amounts of skin-like-the-mountains oil, several windblade personal transports of each metal, a fang of siege striders, a fang of manta-like craft capable of lifting the siege striders, six hives of builder bugs, ten crates of sun's fist chakram, various heavy artillery pieces, a kind of sand-dolphin with diamond teeth, a fang of warstriders, a small rock garden of yassal crystals, a small fleet of land ships (two skiffs, a dinghy, a subterran, a very large battleship that never got past the hull and skeleton, an extremely strong and extremely slow tugboat and the manse Earthdock to dock them all at), a pair of new sky chariots, several dozen blessings of the sun rings and a host of minor useful trinkets. He also halfheartedly attempts to make a Thousand Forged Dragon, but is unable to reproduce any of the weaponry. The result is a large clumsy brass automaton with a pathological fear of trees. Attempts to build a truly sentient artificial intelligence also fail, though at least one result plays Gateway at a high though uncreatively level. The Pheonix refers to this as the happiest time of his life.

Anyone in the original circle (including Wren), and any NPC that the Pheonix likes gets any additional toy they ask for, and most of the listed devices are either sold for materials, given away or put on display or in storage.

FY 813/YD 44

  • Glorious Wren retreats from the Pillars into hiding at an unknown location, communicating only through Perfected Ebon Courtier, who she leaves to administrate in her absence. She reveals only that she is involved in dangerous research, and doesn't wish to risk anyone else.

FY 786/YD 45

  • Azure Pheonix journeys south and begins expanding creationby shaping the Wyld into stability. He places a large composite solar sanctuary in the newly claimed lands, and another around Nascent Glory. He also takes frequent short trips back to the Firmament to continue making written social attacks and guiding the Order.

FY 823/YD 54 - The End

  • Glorious Wren emerges from seclusion.
which is actually not evil; most of the creepy-wrong spells came later