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The Seat of the Deliberative

The Seat of the Deliberative is a vast structure which provides a neutral ground for the Solar Deliberative to meet. Floating high in the air, it is accessible only through special high level manses throughout creation. At present, only one such manse exists, located in the South East of creation. The Seat itself has not been completed, with only two of the massive engines that support it currently aloft.


A sapphire blue sea of water stretches off to the horizon in every direction. Small islands cluster together, like a dropped handful of gleaming emeralds, with perpetually calm beaches and lush groves of sweet fragrants and fruit bearing trees. High in the sky above this paradise floats the Seat itself, an immense flying structure that, even at the great height at which it floats, inspires awe with its grandeur of scale. Bourne aloft on five massive engines, the gleaming thing is big and cool. It has seats and stuff.


Though the Seat of the Deliberative is located firmly inside the borders of creation, its exact location is not well known. Even if it were, successive castings of Pressed Beyond the Veil of Time have rendered discovery of the territory by mundane means nearly impossible. In addition separate deals with local earth and water elementals have resulted in the maintenance of a series of glyph circles at various radii on the sea floor suitable for casting Abjuration of the Maidens, all centered on the speaker's platform of the Deliberative.


Built from a vast number of high level artifacts, and further enhanced with repeated uses of a Solar circle version of the Ritual of Elemental Empowerment and sequential invocations of the blessings of the Unconquered Sun, the Seat of the Deliberative is far lighter and far tougher than its size and construction would suggest, is capable of maintaining a comfortable environment even in temperature extremes, can slowly heal itself if damaged and reshapes itself to accommodate the members and guests of the Deliberative.