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The nexus of a quarter of creation's Adamant Order, these 4 impeccable basilicae tower in each of the corners of creation. Each is administered by a Deva, who severs his ties with the order he came from for the duration of his tenure on being chosen to administer that Firmament.

The Firmament of the South East

This, the first of the firmaments lies approximately 100 miles southeast of Kirighast. To make it, the entire top of a mountain was sheared off and the mountain honeycombed with tunnels. A settlement on top of the plateau surrounds an enourmous obsidian glass Ziggurat. Each tier of the ziggurat is ringed with statues like those from the Order's lesser strongholds, with four kneeling statues of the Unconquered Sun acting as cataryids to support an enourmous crystal sphere. The sphere glows with a brilliant raiance from sunrise to sunset. The hearthroom is inside the top level of the pyramid, but blocked by the sphere, requiring the statues' approval to gain access. The hearthroom includes full Evermind access Additionally, while the manse covers several miles along the top of the plateau, it cannot extend to the entire mountain. The entire place is honeycombed with tunnels, and includes a chapterhouse from each of the orders.


The Firmament of the South East is a 5 dot Solar Manse

  • Maintenance 2
  • Provider 3
  • Temple Manse 3
  • Bound Servitor Force 3
  • Evermind Node 2
  • Network Node 1
  • Central Control 2
  • Comfort Zone 1
  • Jewel of Lawgiver's Authority 2