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The Azure Pheonix's Guard

The Rudrae

Rudrae stats

The first of the Azure Pheonix's attempts, the Rudrae are large silvery and tear-shaped, bisected by a thin band of complex machinery parallel to the ground. Fanatically loyal, they are most often by the Pheonix's side or relaxing at Nascent Glory.


Originally pulled from the raw chaos of the Wyld as part of a larger class of bodyguards, the Pheonix shaped them individually into excellent marksmen. After several years of further training, the Pheonix implanted their consciousnesses into their current bodies, reshaping them around a pair of Small concussive essence cannons with an application of Imbue Amalgam. Finally, he tempered them again with the fires of the Wyld, allowing them flight and a boundless toughness.

The Hanumii

Hanumii stats

Though similar to the Rudrae in training, the Hanumii's bodies took far longer to build. They were massive noble warstriders made of steel reinforced with the five magical materials, which were permanently bonded to their wearers. In an ironic twist, the original wearers were scholars, trained in the subtleties of the occult and in the lore of the first age, without fighting skills to use the war machines they inhabited. After running the Hamunii through the same training regimen as the Rudrae, the Pheonix implanted them in their new bodies, freeing the previous inhabitants to devote themselves to the studies they loved. Upon each Hanuman's successful transfer, the Pheonix Imbued him, shaping him fully part of the warstrider. This nearly negates the repair requirement for the warstrider shell, which merely needs a yearly tuneup. However this is not entirely a blessing, that tuneup also requires a much more esoteric craft(genesis) roll at the same difficulties.

Finally, the Pheonix used the powers of the Wyld to refine them, compressing them down to a still significant 10 feet tall.