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Working Timeline

The Azure Pheonix's limit breaks quite often (~every two years), but usually he just goes off to build something or spread the Adamant Order for a while. The indicated limit breaks are exceptions to this.

FY 773/YD 4 - The Beginning

  • Make automata with the factory-cathedral (assuming it takes two years to make this work)
    • Build South East Firmament
    • Build various other infrastructure
    • declare self head of one of the branches
    • preach

FY 775/YD 6

  • Start supplementing the quarantine with automata
    • 1/week, something odd every 4th week

FY 776/YD 7

FY 780/YD 11

FY 786/YD 17

FY 803/YD 34

  • Azure Pheonix completes The Seat of the Deliberative and attempts to bind Jacint to build a path to it. This goes poorly, and the Pheonix begins designing and creating a force of bodyguards.

FY 807/YD 38

  • Azure Pheonix finishes his bodyguards and begins writing missives for posting in cities near the borders of the Adamant Order, as well as for in the pillars.

FY 781/YD 40

  • Azure Pheonix journeys south and begins expanding creationby shaping the Wyld into stability. He places a large solar sanctuary in the newly claimed lands. He takes frequent trips back to the Firmament to continue making written social attacks and guiding the Order.

FY 823/YD 54 - The End