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Stuff That Happened

Got stuff at Lango.

Jumped to Zendaril. Rented a warehouse. Got a new ship; one team took off in the Chubby Kielbasa (to Tagata?).

The Maltese Vasrah

Selak tried to burgle an object from a previously-unknown hidden compartment under the warehouse floor. Selak is an art dealer, who had a deal to sell a tribal artifact (the object, vasrah) to General Golzar. After some spirited discussion, Selak was allowed to take the object, with the understanding that he would assist the crew.

Selak called from intensive care. He had been mugged in his shop in Ostaria by gold-masked outfacers, shortly after telling General Golzar that he had the Object in hand for sale. Selak offered the crew 50% of sale price (50% of 4 MCredits) to recover the object within the 1-2 day timeframe that it will take for Golzar to get the money transferred. Kriton checked in shops near Selak's, and bought some booze. He also found people who had seen the gold-veiled muggers. They had asked another art dealer to contact them via Ara Mazarban if he ran across any cultural artifacts. Fairweather and Minor checked with a Professor and found some background on the Karanlik tribe (who probably were the gold-veiled people). Kriton visited Mazarban, who was very into the traditional culture on the outface. Mazarban got a message, left for a clinic, met two Karnalik. Mazarban fled with them in a groundcar; Fairweather and Rackham followed in the aircar. Fairweather shot one tribesman; the other shot down the aircar. All reconvened at the airport that the quarry had been aiming for.

At the airport, Kriton talks to the guards at the gate, sending three of them to retrieve our stolen property. They need to break in, and a firefight ensues. As the firefight winds down, Kriton and Fairweather run around back. Inside are a ground vehicle, and an aircraft, along with four tribesmen and Mazarban. Fairweather cripples the aircraft, and everyone cripples each-other. The tribesmen eventually flee in a ground vehicle, and are gunned down by the police.

In the hospital, Kriton is visited by General Golzar. He has collected his property and paid, and wants to pay his respects. Kriton asks for good press, and offers to acquire war materials. Golzar postpones the discussion to later, gives Kriton his card, and an invitation to speak later.

After some research, Kriton and Fairweather called on Golzar. He is staying at a luxury hotel, and has set up art exhibits throughout. His previous appointment is some rough-looking locals.

Golzar has been checking up on LJL. He mentions House Skua (a prior ally) has gotten into a shooting war with Sakens(?).

He has two main interests: personal and professional. Personally, he loves art. Lost treasures of Tagata? (we said “yes”) Professionally, he wants high tech gear. Portable energy weapons, etc. One company, as showy and high-tech as possible. shopping list

The Tagata Excursion

Tagata System.

Visited Rausiga. Found a lot of dead people from a raid, scavenged a bunch of ship parts. Went to a pre-war terraforming base(?). Sintered regolith etc. Apparently subject to an orbital strike? 1/2 dozen buildings, each with vertical hole through the roof. Buildings appear to have been secured for long term empty. Much old space hardware, TL 9-10. All centuries old. There is a computer, but it is old and busted. Back-up isotope generator is still functional; scavenged (1 ton).

Head to Tagata, uneventfully. Was a new recorded message on previously-visited beacon. No other radio transmissions, planetwide. Landing field is on a desert plateau. Port has changed since last visit. Now surrounded by defensive embankment. New structures, and now has electric lights. Several ships parked on field. Met by tribesmen with a rifle + technicians. Someone fills out a paper form, on a clipboard. The new CINC is in charge now, and rules the entire planet. previous CINC was deposed. Is someone the group recognizes: Laviia Modo. They helped her leave Bashari because she was bored. Also, members of the conclave of scientists in exile are here. She welcomes captain rubio. Joined pirate crew at Rausiga, got to midlevel, then a Ternekt task force showed up and blew everything up. Some ran off to Zand; she and friends went to Tagata; deposed local strongman. Also, Russ O'Fiain. Plans to expand civilization on this world.

Her father had released a bioweapon to kill the group; she wants to talk to doctor melitus, who is aboard. Asks for help. The same coalition who controlled this base had a bioweapons research facility on a polar island. Please go there and find info on the bioweapon.

Conclave members: Mr Cog is environmentally sealed, Mr__ is too radioactive, Ms. Periton is infused with poison. Medicine and trading happened.

Went to the place and landed: sloped bunker in the snow. Saw stuff running into it on IR. Inside, it was a bunker, with some feral humanoids.