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General Golzar

General of the armies on the outface. Reportedly part of the Emperor's inner coterie.

Collects artifacts from the tribes, especially ones that he has wiped out.

He is “roly-poly”, with an elaborate uniform and a five-finned mask.

Kriton has an in with him from recovering the vasrah.

Keeps his bargains, very hard on others who break theirs. Rewards those who serve him well, but a terrible man if crossed.

Likes his luxuries - all sorts and many.

Very much in the news, obviously image-managed.


Most successful general (in the press, at least).

Trying to pacify tribes, which were previously personally loyal to former imperium.

Golzar's Forces

Planet is early starflight, but army is behind. Essentially TL8.

Main vehicles are hovercraft (ground effect).

Poor air support. Jet and SSTO air/space fighters.

“Emperor's elite guard” has higher tech. Especially beastmen (Aslan).