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Sir Russ O'Fiáin B7974B Age 42 Cr49,524
2 terms Barbarian (Warrior), 5 terms Noble (Knight)

Sword 1, Bow Combat 1, Broadsword 3, Laser Pistol 1, Pilot 2, Ships Boat 1, Wheeled Vehicle 1, Navigation 1, Engineering 1

Broadsword, Yacht 1), Low passage x2, High Passage x3, Traveller's Aid Society, mesh armor (DR 5), sling, long bow, fancy sporting crossbow

Russ is a scion of the O'Fiáin Clan of the Bashari system. The O'Fiáins, renowned for their historic savagery, are the hereditary project engineers on the great industrial works of Bashari. Most of the clan were destroyed by treachery (treachery!) and Russ survived when he fell from a moving vehicle and was lost to the mean streets of Peron. He survived for years as one of a gang of feral children, eventually reclaiming his birthright and position. His traitorous uncle destroyed his family, and was also appointed conservator of their estates, and so controls most of the family fortune. Who “controls” the actual industrial works would be more of an open question, but practically it's run by people who actually know what they are doing.

Nonetheless, Russ has carefully studied the introductory classes of each major relevant discipline, and hopes to fully reclaim his Clan's position.

Hobbies include frightening society, racing steam-powered monowheels, and Gaelic puns.

While in some highly technical sense Russ “owns” the Spéir Dorcha (“Dark Sky”, a yacht), in a much more practical sense it still belongs to the family estate and has not been disbursed. Litigation would likely result in a clear title, but would prompt several years of court hearings during which the yacht would be impounded. This makes any transfer attempt exceedingly ill-advised (including a change in licensing to allow formal/regular commercial use).