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Bashari C-5668A4-5 Cooler, drier world; tidally locked with a 6-day/150-hour period (3-day “night” lit by the primary, then 3-day “day” interrupted by a day-long eclipse). Land gathered in a supercontinent on the Koza side. Ruled by elderly but sharp Grand Duchess Clavia (46299E) and a Senate combining hereditary and appointed members. Tech is “steampunk” combining local and imports. The Bashari government recently conducted a purge of the underworld, rooting out Conclave agents. Bashari has its own solid-fuel space force, and Sakinic TL9 mercenary heavy fighters. The army has rifles and artillery, steam tanks, airships, and ironclads. Planetary defense is a mix of imported missiles and some orbital-range cannon firing thousands of steel balls. The Basharians have adapted to their long day. They can easily stay up 24 hours at a stretch with no ill effects.


D-789864-4 Warm Earth-like moon, tidally locked, 46 hour period. Four small continents and oceans covered by mats of weed and jungle. Basharian governor Captain Kan Spadian (868878), rules from the plateau enclave Claviopolis near the south pole. Aslan tribes control the uplands and Tsith control the swamps. Locals typically sleep at midday, just after sunset, and before dawn.


Was moon with conclave of scientists? They played with time and broke it locally.