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Once there was nothing but death and darkness. Pirates would raid and destroy. Even the mightiest of weapons, the hammer, could not stop them. One or two would fall to the mighty blows of iron before even the most valiant would succumb to the pillaging horde. Then one day came a glimmer of light. A weapon forged of such mightiness that no bandit could hope to prey upon the innocent without being smashed to their very core. This weapon resembled a hammer but was bigger, mightier. It was called… the sledgehammer! Thanks to this weapon the village or Emerald Point entered an era of prosperity as pirate hordes fell to its blows. Blows wielded by the most valiant of families, the family who took the name Monsoon!

Or at least that was the story Third Monsoon was told by her mother, Wondrous Monsoon, her father, Stone Monsoon, her uncle, Stinging Monsoon, her aunt, Giant Stone Fist Monsoon, her cousin, Raining Tree Monsoon, and so on and so forth over why she should be learning the art of wielding a sledgehammer. If she wanted to learn the art of healing, fine, the wielders of sledgehammers tended to end up with many kinds of injuries. However, becoming one with the sledgehammer like her siblings First Monsoon and Second Monsoon was a tenet of the Monsoon family and her smaller size (one that was only the average of people on the island) was no excuse. Even her uncle’s wife who came from a family of farmers and fishermen became a wielder of the mighty sledgehammer. But Third Monsoon’s heart lay with books and knowledge.

It was not always this way. Up until her 10th birthday Third Monsoon was eager to follow in the footsteps of her family. It was that fateful day that while out hunting in the forests that a mighty storm appeared that swept across the island. Unable to find her way back to the village she stumbled deeper and deeper into the forest before falling into a small cave. There she found books, old books written in a language she did not recognize. She had a feeling that whatever was in those books might prove mightier than the sledgehammer and learning the knowledge contained within became an obsession. If only those secrets could be unlocked then the people of Emerald Point would be secure from any threat that could be lurking over the horizon.

As the years passed trying to decipher these books led him to become the village doctor and the disappointment of her family. While not outcast, there was always the subtle disapproval and the constant questions of when she was going to take up a sensible job, one involving say a sledgehammer. Yet with the virtual disappearance of pirate raiders most people in the village preferred a Third Monsoon who could fix broken bones then one who could break them. This gave her time to study the books, books that spoke of wonders almost unimaginable.


First Monsoon

Elder brother of Third Monsoon, fights with a sledgehammer. Rescued, with significant physical and mental alterations.

Second Monsoon

Elder Sister of Third Monsoon, also fights with a sledgehammer.

Letter to our benefactors

Lessons learned from fighting pirates during the two month downtime

Notes on First Monsoon

Notes and Musings About Many Things