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I'm creating this page as a sort of quick list of things we have that may be useful. -Josh


    • Change level of a manse
    • Move a manse
    • Internal security
    • Hearthstone making
    • Demesne/manse map
    • Hearthstone making
    • Demesne/manse map
  • Kirighast
    • Mostly under our control
  • The Empress' Red Jade Warstrider
    • Gives everything away if we use it in creation (cannonically, through a charm that its least spirit uses)

Azure Phoenix

  • Wyld Shaping (have things by wanting them)
    • Needs resources to make a permanent thing
  • Make artifacts (numbers are approximated based on average rolls)
    • Artifact 1: < 1 week
    • Artifact 2: 2 weeks
    • Artifact 3: 1 month
    • Artifact 4: 2 months
    • Artifact 5: 5 months
  • Make manses
    • Design takes ~3 days
    • construction requires 84000 man-days/dot
    • Level 1-3 take [level] weeks to magic up
    • Level 4-5 need some jiggery-pokery, but can go up in months

Glorious Wren

  • First Army of the Sun
    • Structured like Kaneko's army
    • Core: First Wind, 12th Spear
    • Primary training center: The House of Three Blades (design currently underway)
    • Primary administrative center: Currently the main camp outside Kirighast; a more permanent facility is planned.