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House of Cleansing Winds notes:
5-dot Air Manse

Ability Enlightenment (4pt, reduced to 3pt by aspect) [Medicine, Lore, Occult, and Craft (Water)]
Provider (3pt)
Archive (2pt) [Pharmacy (Craft (Water)), Infectious Diseases (Medicine), First Aid (Medicine), Thaumaturgy (Occult), Medicinal Plants (Survival)]
Bound Servitor Force (modified 2pt version, Magnitude = rating/2 round down)
Central Control (2pt)
Mela's Sweet Whisper (2pt, reduced to 1pt by aspect)
Comfort Zone (1pt)
Magical Conveniences (1pt) [auto lights, auto doors, recording devices, library catalog, medicine faucets]
Network Node (1pt)
Password Activations (1pt)

Total Cost: Air - 17pt
Drawbacks: Hearthstone reduced by 5 dots (to 0, 5 pt), Maintenance 2 dots - ingredients for meds must be refilled monthly (2pt)