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Session 24: The one where the party is reminded D&D 3.5 is full of save or die mechanics

The group wakes ready to continue to explore the rest of the underground temple. They come to a room that's air seems fresh and inviting. Definitely a welcome change. The party searches the room and as Hilde is examining the bookshelf, the air becomes thick. From the ceiling, an air elemental attacks Hilde. It is quickly dispatched and Hilde continues to examine the book shelf. She finds a book with a false spine and Skaven's Spellbook. Examining the wand, it is believed to be another wand that can control water making it the 4th to be found.

Searching deeper in the temple, Melgarin stumbles across a room with 5-6 small spiders. As the party approaches the room to help, they find Melgarin covered in spider guts and a big smile.

Moving further east, the group finds a cavern similar to the one found on the opposite side of this temple. Covering the floor is nothing but spiderwebs so thick, they can barely make out the floor. They run into a couple of Ettercaps, one of which screeches aloud. Spiders crawl down from the walls from all sides surrounding the party. After the spiders are taken care of and only a few Ettercaps are left, a big fucking spider (BFS) appears. Melgarin and Elanor break away and go after the big guy. Little did they know, there was a wizard hiding in the corner. Annoying spells are cast from said wizard at the party and most of the party takes big damage. Elanor starts to stagger as the damage from the BFS and the wizard start to catch up with her. Loskid attempts to come in to help but he is to late as Elanor goes down as the last remaining Ettercap takes a finishing blow. Loskid casts Invisibility Purge to reveal the wizards location . The wizard appears to try to cast a spell, looks confused and starts to run away fast. Hilde thinks faster and summons “The Butt Centipede” to grapple the fleeing wizard. After a small struggle with “The Butt Centipede”, the wizard drinks another portion and turns into what appears to be a gas enabling him to get away from the Centipede's pincers. Lelenia and Loskid are the only 2 able to pursue as everyone else is either stuck in the spiderwebs on the floor or finishing the remaining enemies.

Fueled from the rage of losing their friend, Lelenia and Loskid split up to surround the now gaseous wizard. They are successful and manage to take him down quickly. Lelenia manages to find 2 more wands that match the water controlling wands bringing their count to 6. Just when Lelenia and Loskid feel better about avenging their lost friend, Loskid notices an Imp attempting to sneak up behind him. Lelenia and Loskid attack immediately. The Imp drinks a potion, looks confused and attempts to run away. Lelenia isn't having any of that and is able to put the kill shot into the back of the Imp. Searching the Imp, the 7th of 8 wands the party is looking for is found.

The group reflects on the loss of their friend and what to do next. The general consensus seems to be to take Elanor's body back to town and see what can be done to bring her back.

Skaven's Spellbook

Skaven's Journal

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