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Session 23: The Pit

Recap in audio form

The party after retreating from the skeleton dragon, debates taking a nap but decides before doing that to sweep the parts of the dungeon without a skeleton dragon. They find generic supplies and weapons but nothing of real value. Hilde takes an excessive amount of wine. Continuing onward they are surprised by crossbow bolts being shot through small windows through small windows into room they are in. The party retreats from whoever is making absurd attack rolls. Elanor is unsuccessful at searching for traps and walks right into another trap room. She makes it across the room but the rest of the party decides not to follow and instead doubles back to the doors on the beach which leads to the dining room Elanor made it to. Exploring the party finds a room that looks like it is full of spider webs. Hilde concludes spiders might live there are decides to light them on fire and stands back as to not get a face full of flaming spider. The party learns that this is not the case and this is yet another trap, springing an alarm that alerts the guards. The guards throw alchemist fire into the room which is not as exciting as the party isn't in the room and already lit the room on fire. They then barricade the door. The party starts trying to break through the door, eventually boring Loskid who decides to run off on his own. Entering a corridor he immediately fails a reflex save and finds himself in a pit as a trap in the floor springs open.

The rest of the party gives up on breaking through the door and realizes Loskid has run off somewhere. Elanor manages to see a pit trap closing up with the faint sounds of Loskid yelling. Plus bandit guards continue to shoot crossbow bolts into the corridor. Heading back and grabbing a chair Elanor throws the chair onto the pit trap triggering it as Lelenia throws a rope. Loskid again learns heavy armor and climb checks don't mix and has to be hauled out of the pit. A burst of flame comes out of the windows where the guards are. Elanor successfully disables the pit trap and Melgarin takes a long heavy table and places it against the wall blocking the windows where the guards are shooting crossbows. Loskid continues foward and triggers another pit trap. Elanor disables the trap this time in the open position and Lelenia throws a rope to retrieve Loskid. He is hauled out of this pit. Needing a way across, Loskid decides to build a bridge out of random chairs. The result is a rickety thing that will in no way support any weight. Desiring to not spend anymore time in the pit the party takes down the long table and makes it a bridge. Elanor and Hilde scamper across. Melgarin and Loskid fall in. Lelenia throws a rope and hauls them out. They again try to cross the bridge and fall in. Lelenia throws a rope and hauls them out. Melgarin and Loskid try crossing really slowly and are successful at getting across.

Meanwhile, Elanor and Hilde enter a dark room with carefully arranged junk. They are attacked by brown frog things. The party beats them down but Melgarin is bitten. The party thinks the frogs are dead, until they emit a sonic attack on the area dropping Hilde to negative hit points. The party kills the frogs for real, and Loskid pours a potion down Hilde's throat. Hilde then metagames hard and suggest Loskid role knowledge the planes to identify the Slaad and recognize what they just did to Melgarin via the bite.

Searching the room, the party is unable to determine the exact purpose of the junk or what was being done there. They find what seem to be remains of a bard and conclude he may have been bitten by a Slaad.

It is getting late for the party so they choose a room with a lot of doors to prevent from being barricaded in and sleep for the night.

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