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Session 22: So good news, not a Dracolich

After taking down Triel, the party moves on to her room only to find the door has been booby trapped locking Melgarin in the doorway. After a latch is found by Elanor to release the door, it turns open letting everyone into the room to look around.

After being satisfied there is nothing in the room, the party moves on to exploring more of the ruins. They find a cave that goes east and west and settle on east with Melgarin leading the way. Not far in they run into a hoard of zombies. Loskid uses his Turn the Dead ability to instantly destroy all but 2 of the zombies in the room. A bigger ware-zombie shows up and slashes at Melgarin doing major damage. Loskid again uses his ability to Turn the dead against this new foe killing the remaining zombies and making the ware-zombie run away. The party pursues it as far East as possible to the caves end. As the party tries to finish off the ware-zombie, an annoying Imp takes a swipe at Hilde. After Hilde lands a hit, the Imp decides go invisible and run. Melgarin drops his sword and pulls out a magical silver Rapier which manages to do some damage to the ware-zombie. Just as the party finishes off the ware-zombie, the Imp shows up again. Lelenia lands an arrow but the Imp knows it is out numbered and manages to get away….. again…..

The party proceeds back to the split in the cave but heading West this time. They do not get very far down the new path when they run into a Red Dragon Skeleton. Yeah, you heard me, a fucking Red Dragon Skeleton. To go from beating down zombies to a fucking dragon is insane. Melgarin takes a big hit (duh) making the party rethink taking on the undead dragon. Hilde cast grease to help the party retreat while Loskid tries several times to Turn the Dead dragon but fails (what was he thinking…). The party regroups in Triel's room to heal, change their pants and decide what to do next.

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