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Session 82: Hilde kills all

This week finds Hilde still controlling her air elemental, while Melgarin and Loskid drink potions and use wands to heal, while Elanor sneaks around scouting for bad guys. Two Ancient Will O Wisps harass Melgarin and Loskid by flying in, taking a pot shot, and flying away. The team lands a few hits before the Ancient Will O Wisps seem to run off to fight another day. The group then explores the ruins, and Loskid finds a hidden door at the center of the “shattered horn”. They enter the hidden door and find themselves in a winding cave. They come to a 10' tall room with 10 pillars. A distant rattling noise is in the distance, and an altar with serpent motifs is in the room.

Loskid explains to the snake guy standing by the altar that they're looking for the Cagewrights, and the guy (Ssythar Nahazir) says they've found them. Apparently another dude (SnakeMohrg) has joined Ssythar, and Ssythar casts Black Tentacles, grappling Elanor, though Hilde immediately dispels them. Loskid tries to cast flamestrike on Ssythar, and finds himself teleported immediately into a small dark room filled with acid. Melgarin overruns SnakeMohrg and hits him, which SnakeMohrg reacts with a successful paralyzing touch, paralyzing Melgarin for 3 minutes. Elanor is then paralyzed, and the only person left in the fight is Hilde.

Hilde then summons a bone devil before absolutely slaughtering Ssythar with an orb of cold.

SnakeMohrg then tries to lick the bone devil. Then, between the bone devil and Hilde's amazing magic, SnakeMohrg is slain!

At this point, Melgarin and Elanor is paralyzed, Loskid is trapped in an “egg” of acid (and dies, teleporting to occipitus), and Hilde is standing victoriously over SnakeMohrg's corpse.

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