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Session 83: Load save game?

This week opens with Hilde screaming for Loskid. There is no response. Eventually Elanor and Melgarin cease being paralyzed. Elanor starts looting bodies, finding a scimitar, longbow, pendant, some arrows, 2 wand, a potion, a cloak, a ring, 2 scrolls, and a pouch of 10 platinum on Ssythar. The remaining adventurers plane-shift to Occipitus and grab Loskid's body. They then teleport back to Cauldron and pay Ginia a bunch of money to resurrect Loskid (which she seems happy to do, as she was disappointed to find out he'd died…again). They make their way back to the altar at the Shatterhorn.

As Melgarin explores the room with the altar, he encounters a spinning blade trap under a false floor, but somehow he avoids it. Elanor steals a ring, resulting in 4 medusa rogues materializing who use petrifying gaze to turn Loskid and Melgarin to stone permanently before killing Elanor. Hilde summons a bunch of angels to eliminate the rogues and AGAIN saves the party. Hilde then (over the course of some time) resurrects Elanor and turns Loskid and Melgarin back to Flesh (unpetrifying them).

NOW the team starts being cautious. Elanor starts sweeping for traps, while Melgarin follows, sword in hand. Eventually they come to a guy (wearing a cloak of skin) with a honey badger who accuses them of being thieves (though he may not be wrong when it comes to Elanor) and says that Occipitus is his and always will be. Melgarin chases him down, finds him, and Hilde follows, unleashing a blast of magic that completely destroys him. At the end of the hall was a rotating statue…

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