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Session 81: To The Shatterhorn!

This week finds our team starting a journey to the ruins of Shatterhorn searching for the surviving Cagewrights, since they previously had a camp there. Hilde summons some flying steeds, and Melgarin does some surviving to guide them in the right direction. They find what looks to be Shatterhorn surrounded by a fog that extends for 5 miles and a road on the west side that appears to lead to Shatterhorn. In a desire to serve up a Hero's Feast, Loskid rents a hotel room by the hour. It is quite unclear whether or not the Hero's Feast is effective, as when they enter the room, the party has to listen to the couple next door being very amorous.

After returning to the Shatterhorn, they land in the middle of the fog. After a bit, they come to a walled ruin with what appear to be arrow slits cut periodically. After trying (unsuccessfully) to move silently, they come to a room with a wolf in it. Hilde flies up 10', to find three Ancient Will O Wisps with orcs with bows on it who shoot Hilde and Melgarin. Melgarin charges in and starts swinging at a big dude who is flanked with 2 wolves. Hilde goes invisible, Loskid wanders aimlessly forward (following Melgarin's path), and Elanor climbs up the wall to attach the one Will O Wisp she can see. The barbarian swipes pretty damn hard at Melgarin 4x with a sword, slicing and dicing him for almost half of his health. It was at this point that shit started going sideways. Hilde summons in an air elemental while Elanor and Loskid spiderclimbed to attack will-o-wisps. After the Barbarian beats Melgarin soundly, Melgarin ran away and started chugging potions like lent had just ended. Somehow Melgarin survives, and when he looks up he notices that Loskid and Elanor have held their own and Hilde is slaughtering will-o-wisps. He finishes off one wolf, and then drinks another potion…

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