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Session 73: Kelubar what?

We find our adventurers among the corpses of the many Farastu Demodands slain last time. Our adventurers loot the corpses, while Hilde sends her Bone Devil down the hallway to distract anything that may be lurking in the shadows. They were carrying 138 platinum, 3800 gold, 32000 silver, and 4,000 gold worth of gems among a slew of other stuff. They continue to search the dungeon, and find the room that the Demodands had been sleeping in, where they encounter just an absolute horrible stench.

After disintegrating some stone that clearly was being used to seal up a tunnel, they find Kelubar Demodands. Hilde and Elanor are both nauseated by the absolutely horrible smell of sour cream and chives. Loskid spends an amazing amount of time debating exactly how he would cast an anti-magic field without dispelling the bone devil that Hilde had summoned. Melgarin runs into the room and slaughters the first Demodand, before the second goes invisible and hits him and Loskid each with Rays of Enfeeblement (lowering their strength).

Melgarin uses his Dragon Mask to see the invisible Demodand and proceeds to smack it in the face with a 1 lb. bag of flour. Then two more drop in. Melgarin slaughters one of the new ones and the one that thought he was a freakin ninja before the final one starts running away while Melgarin chases it like a madman. While chasing the “last” Demodand, Melgarin then encounters Vrocks. Hilde was attempting to catch up to Melgarin (who had left the party since he had freedom of movement (thanks Loskid)) when she gets jumped by a dude with a spiked chain.

Melgarin is stunned by the screech of one of the Vrocks, and for a moment, is quite sure he is going to die. Meanwhile, the dude with the spiked chain trips Hilde and starts wailing on Elanor. Elanor eviscerates the dude with the spiked chain, and requests Loskid and Hilde follow her to assist Melgarin. As they head towards Melgarin, they encounter one of the Vrocks (who screeches at them, stunning Hilde and Elanor). Loskid suddenly sees the remaining Demodand and dispatches it, while Hilde and Elanor fight the Vrock. Melgarin continues to do battle with the second Vrock, and dispatches all of the mirrors it had summoned before finally absolutely destroying it. Melgarin runs down the corridor in the direction that the Vrock ran (the one that was doing battle with Elanor, Loskid, and Hilde). He rejoins the group, and eliminates the “final” vrock. As Melgarin downs a ton of healing potions, the team of adventurers feels a tremor shake the complex…

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