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Session 72: Farastu Demodands for Everyone!

This week finds our adventurers on the road to Red Gorge with a ton of refugees of the city of Cauldron. The team proceeds to the caves where they searched for the wands of control water, after one of the refugees donates spelunking gear. They come to a gate with eyes engraved on the lintel, and as Elanor attempts to search for traps, the eyes start emitting disintegrate rays, almost killing Loskid. Luckily, Hilde had memorized disintegrate, and obliterated (disintegrated?) the face and a large portion of the lintel of the gate. A Minotaur (Gau Kleeoch) emerges from the shadows, and the team instantly goes into combat mode. Hilde blasts her with an orb of fire before she charges (unsuccessfully) at Melgarin. Elanor slides in behind her (the Minotaur) and basically eviscerates her.

Exploring further into the cave, they find a cloth (that looks like rock) covering a path in the cave. Beyond it, they find 5 Farastu Demodands. During the fight, 2 more come down the corridor that the team had come from. After getting clawed a bunch and enfeebled (and one of the Demodands summoning in 4 more), the team successfully eliminates all the Demodands and takes a break to recover their breath (and strength)…

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