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Session 69: Loskid dies. Again.

Instead of assaulting House Rhiavaldi, Loskid decides to find Jenya. After sneaking past Anthony, the group finds Jenya in a meeting with the city elders who are trying to figure out who the new mayor will be (since our heroes apparently slayed the acting mayor - the beholder in a skinsuit). Jenya convinces Loskid to do the employee evaluations in order to get Jenya's forgiveness for abandoning his responsibilities to the church of St. Cuthbert (aka fucking up).

At this point, several Darrow Barbarians (and a spellcaster with disintegrate) stormed in and started swinging. During the course of the battle, Loskid falls (hard) after being pinned against the table, Jenya dies, and Hilde disintegrates the spellcaster before getting hit pretty hard. Elanor gets poisoned REALLY badly. Loskid's body disappears with the sound of a slowly moving bowel, and the team takes a moment to remember him and his inability to climb over a table, after the last barbarian remaining pops back in from being sent to a maze by Hilde and Melgarin binds him (naked - the darrow barbarian, not Melgarin). Upon intimidating interrogation, he reveals he is Radavig. Kravichek sent him. Radavig reveals nothing, and Melgarin executes him after giving him a generous chance to provide information.

Omar Tiskanson uses a scroll of resurrection (retrieved from Skye's Treasury) to resurrect Jenya, while Elanor uses wands of lesser restoration to heal Elanor and Hilde's strength damage they took as a result of the poison.

Based on previous experience, the team suspects very strongly that Loskid is in Occipitus, and so embarks once again on a journey to another plane to retrieve his body. Quite uneventfully, Hilde plane-shifts (using an amulet) the group to Occipitus and teleports them to the skull to retrieve Loskid's corpse. Melgarin then plane-shifts them back to the material plane, and Hilde teleports them to the temple of St. Cuthbert so that Jenya can resurrect him.

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