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Session 70: The One With The End Of The World

As Jenya resurrects Loskid, the party is overcome by a rumbling sound and the smell of sulfur. They stumble out of the church, and find a large lightning storm 10 miles in diameter (centered on the city of Cauldron) underway, accompanied by tremors (which will clearly result in structural damage - maybe Loskid can use his carpentry to help with repairs?).

As Elanor and Melgarin look across the street at a residential area, they see a collapsed house with a man frantically trying to remove rubble. When they assist, Elanor hears screaming from under the rubble (and describes where to Hilde). Hilde decides to cast disintegrate, and successfully frees a family.

As they try to make their way out of the city, they see a fissure closing up with people screaming from within. Hilde uses a wand of “fly” on the party, and they fly down to find 14 people trapped. Due to Hilde's quick thinking, the party is able to save all 14 people.

As they make their way to the east quadrant of the city, they see a guy on a balcony holding a child. Elanor flies up to free the child, and the guy runs into the house and locks himself in with his brother. Melgarin flies up and into the window and grapples the guy, at which point the building starts to collapse on Melgarin, Loskid, and Hilde. Hilde disintegrates the rubble, freeing them (except the guy that Melgarin grappled - he died). As the party watches the brother (and his nephew) walk slowly to the city gate, demodans start falling from the sky. Loskid flies to the temple of St. Cuthbert to aid his “followers”, while Melgarin, Hilde, and Elanor decide that if Cauldron is going to cease to exist, they're going to go down fighting (and attack the demodans). After quickly dispatching 3 (and 2 more that were summoned in), the final demodan casts fear on Elanor and Melgarin, leaving Hilde to save the day (yet again).

Flipping over to Loskid, he finds the temple of St. Cuthbert empty, whereupon a bubble of natural gas erupts from underground and explodes. He elects to gtfo of town, and makes for the town gates.

Back to our heroes, Melgarin, Hilde, and Elanor are overrun by an avalanche of rubble. Melgarin slowly extricates Elanor after she is buried by the avalanche. They find that a lot of rubble has been piled up, blocking the exit from the city for many people. The party advises everyone they see to go to the east gate, at which point a pretty gnarly monster (Morkoth)emerges from the lake (which they can now see because all of the buildings have collapsed). Melgarin elects to cast Benign Transposition on a local, bum-rushing the Morkoth…

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