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Session 68: The One With the Skin Suit

This session finds our adventurers continuing to explore rooms within the beholder's lair. In an apparent treasure room, Loskid apparently awakens two stone golems. After quickly dispatching them, they loot the room, which takes quite a while.

Then they head off to talk to Skellerang and run into Anthony. Loskid drops the skinsuit on Skellerang's desk (after getting past Anthony), and proceeds to spend an inordinate amount of time explaining why he apparently skinned the mayor.

Following this, Hilde attempts to find out where the Splintershield residence is, trying to figure out how to find the Tree of Shackled Souls. Turns out it's outside of town (1/2 day walk). They head that way, and Hilde asks if Davked Splintershield has ever worked with a woman named Celeste (the person who sent them to “save” Zenith Splintershield (which they did unsuccessfully). He has not.

Jenya tries frantically to contact Loskid, who ignores her.

The team then decides that they will launch an attack on House Rhiavadhi (after prepping up significantly)…

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