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Session 66: The One Where Hilde and Loskid Scheme

This session begins finding our intrepid adventurers at the store, buying Loskid a new Mace. They make their way back to Velantru's basement, and open 1 door using “Inflict Moderate Wounds”. 18 seconds after the door opens (Loskid, Elanor, and Melgarin walk through), the door closes. Hilde disintegrates the stone around the door to free the other 75% of the team, at which point Hilde recommends the team runs back to town and buy scrolls of every possible spell (that they figured out earlier) instead of trying to crawl through the dungeon 1 day per spell. Figuring they can't get out easily, Hilde then disintegrates another wall around a door. They find themselves in a room with 2 paintings and 2 more doors. One of the doors is between the 2 paintings. Hilde casts clairvoyance and looks around beyond the door. Loskid and Hilde proceed to spend an inordinate amount of time scheming what they should do in case they run into a beholder. Hilde disintegrates the door *not* between the paintings, to discover a shaft deeper into the dungeon (it's assumed).

They return to the bottom floor, and open 2 more doors, finding an empty room and the bottom of the shaft they found above. Through the shaft, they find another door (on the same level) which they open to discover a spherical room a little less than half full of water with yet *another* door in it. At this point, Hilde makes the strong recommendation that they have scouted a sufficient amount for the day and that they should return to Cauldron to obtain more scrolls, making their exploration much more cost effective.

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