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Session 64: The One With The Weird Doors

Our session begins with the adventurers finding themselves in the temple of St. Cuthbert (yet again). Melgarin makes a run to the magical item store to put 4,000 gold down on a dragon mask (Page 94).

The team then decides to sleep for a bit so they can return to the scene of their last conflict fully loaded (with spells) and ready to go. This is followed by Loskid preparing a Heroes Feast. Our team of intrepid adventurers then carry the body of the doppelganger mayor to the mayor's house in hopes that they minimize the impact of the town realizing he is dead. They then return to the scene of Melgarin's shame, where they discover a pit to the north that descends 220'. Loskid uses his boots of spiderclimb to descend and then sends the boots up to Melgarin so he can descend as well. At the bottom, of the pit, they find 3 rooms with a total of 2 doors out (made of wood, bone, and adamantine with engraved beholders on them). Elanor tries to pick the lock and triggers some traps. Hilde racks her brain to remember the powers of a beholders eye and figures that she may be able to open the doors using one of the following corresponding spells.

  • Flesh To Stone
  • Fear
  • Disintegrate
  • Finger of Death
  • Inflict Moderate Wounds
  • Sleep
  • Charm Person
  • Slow
  • Charm Monster
  • Telekenesis

Hilde disintegrates the stone to the north opening up a room with squat in it. She then disintegrates the stone to the west (south of the door)…

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