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Session 65: The One With the Dogs

This session finds our group of adventurers in the east room, on the other side of the door that Hilde disintegrated the stone around. They hear barking on the other side of the door, and as they peek around the corner they see 3 big flaming dogs, which Hilde's arcane knowledge identifies as Nessian Hellhounds. The group (somewhat) quickly dispatches the Hellhounds, and Elanor opens a door, behind which she spots a warrior sparring nothing and a dog. Loskid decides to “diplomacy the shit” out of the warrior, and she responds, asking if the group has come to pay tribute to “Tiroc Coldfire”. Loskid starts flirting with her. Loskid backs out of the room, and the warrior (who reveals her name is “Aszithef”) follows him out of the room and demands tribute (10,000 gp for trespassing and 5,000 per dead Hellhound). Hilde starts the “interrogation” and using knowledge arcana figures out the dog is a Haraknin canomorph. Aszithef informs Hilde that Coldfire is the leader of the flamewarders. The dog shifts into a guy, introduces himself as “Ketru”, and stabs Melgarin. Hilde sends Aszithef to a maze, just after she incapacitates Elanor. Melgarin stabs the shit out of “Ketru” (and kills him). Loskid casts “heal” on Elanor, and Aszithef immediately pops back into existence from the maze. Melgarin stabs the SHIT out of her, and she immediately dies. Melgarin searches her corpse and scores some pretty good loot. The team decides to return to Cauldron to resupply…

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