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Session 43: Second Test: The Flashlight On A Stick

The party follows their stick-lantern across the Smoking Eye, and eventually comes to one of the natural wonders of the plane: the Plain of Cysts. The lantern shows a complicated path through the cysts and teleports the holder and anyone nearby back to the start whenever they fail to make progress.

Various distractions make discovering this difficult. Eventually the party figures out how to get through and passes this test. A different Mummy Lord shows up:

“Heed the words of Adimarchus. You have passed the Test of Resolve. Attend to the wisdom of Adimarchus! Let neither riches nor weaponry, neither allies nor enemies, tempt you from your course. Instead, spread such distractions before your rivals. The lantern shall guide you to the final test: the Test of Sacrifice. Your ascension to the throne draws nigh!”

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