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Session 42: First Test: Deal With This Spider

The party goes downstairs. Kaurophon cannot manage this and waits on the landing. No-one finds this suspicious.

Downstairs, there is a desk with an extremely bored mummy lord, who greets them and says

“Adimarchus, Most Potent Ruler of Occipitus, bids you welcome to the Test of the Smoking Eye. If you are here, then Occipitus lies fallow, without a strong hand to guide its development. Know then that you are a pretender to Adimarchus’s throne. If you are worthy, step forward and undertake the Test of Judgment.”

One withered hand points to the north door. “Behind that door lies Thathnak the bebilith.”

The corpse points in the other direction. “Behind that door lies Halalia the avoral guardinal.”

“Choose one door, slay the occupant behind it, then pass through the door on the other side. I will meet you there.”

The party picks North, kills the Bebilith, and proceeds to the chamber. After a few moments, the mummy appears and says

“Heed the words of Adimarchus,” intones the mummy. “You have passed the Test of Judgment. Attend to the wisdom of Adimarchus! Always deal with rivals first, and enemies second. This lantern shall guide you to the second test: the Test of Resolve.” There’s a flash of light, and the mummy is gone.

Hilde takes the lantern-fishing pole and the party quickly heads out.

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