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Session 41: A Mysterious Stranger has a Quest!

While resting at an inn, the party is attacked in their sleep by demons. Very conveniently, a mysterious stranger appears to help defeat the demons. He is Kaurophon, and is totally the party's friend.

Kaurophon explains that there is a demiplane which fell from heaven into hell, and has been ruled by the Demon Lord Adamarchus for the past few centuries. Adimarchus recently disappeared, and no-one has been able to pass the test he set up to ensure his successor would be worthy. So there is an opportunity for some enterprising heroes to swoop in and get the plane to recognize them as potential heirs. Then they could return it to heaven or whatever, and that would be a good thing to do.

The party buys this, and after defusing the Cauldron-Redgorge situation, head out.

The Smoking Eye is a huge, fleshy plane with a giant skull half-buried at the center. The eyesocket appears to have come aflame, and is belching giant globs of fire up to the sky, where they spread out into a disturbing dome.

Kaurophon explains the local hazards, and identifies the first test as a ruined cathedral. Going there, the party has fun with a succubus and a salamander, but eventually triumph.

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