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Session 44: Traversing the Fleshy Tube

The lantern helpfully leads the party through a dragon's hunting grounds. He nearly eats them, but they drive him off.

Eventually, it leads them to an acidic pool with a fallen angel staked to the ground nearby. They unstake the angel, who explains that he is full of tasty exposition. The party is having none of this trickery, and bid him good day. He leaves.

On diving into the acidic pool, the party finds a cave, leading to a fleshy tunnel. Traversing it, the party finds another pair of pretenders to the Smoking Eye. They attack, a good time is had by few, and then the fleshy tube starts peristaltic contractions to expel them. Elanor sneaks forward, and finds a berserk Clay Golem. A good time is had by none, but eventually the golem is destroyed too.

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