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The End of Zenith Trajectory

The party wakes up in a boathouse, and drags the corpse of Zenith Splintershield back to Cauldron. Once there, they leave a message at the Cusp of Sunrise for their sponsor, Celeste, who has apparently been called out of town for several days.

Lelenia and Elanor wait at their house. Eventually Lord Vhalantru, who they had met previously at the Cusp of Sunrise. He tells them that he's a friend of Celeste's and will hold up her end of the bargain. Zenith's father is apparently out of town also.

Eventually, boredom overwhelms suspicion, and Elanor hands Zenith's corpse over in exchange for 9000 gold worth of equipment (to be selected) and sponsorship to the Cusp of Sunrise.

Melgarin goes out drinking and collects flyers inviting him to a tax riot demonstration. He makes plans to attend.

Hilde goes out drinking quite a lot, and rides the centi-taxi home.

Loskid goes to the temple of Saint Cuthbert, and agrees to administer it for a while. Jenya confides that she is worried about her friend Alex Tercival (who rescued the party in Life's Bazaar).

The Start of a New Chapter

The party all go to the tax riot demonstration, and hear a speech from their neighbor Maavu.

Maavu's Speech

The streets around the City Hall are packed tight with loud citizens rallying against the recent tax increase in Cauldron. Several guards stand in a ring around the building and use the hafts of their halberds to keep people out. Presently, a small group of dignitaries, easily recognizable as the town tax collectors, make their way to the entrance. The citizens boo and scream insults at the tax collectors as they scuttle inside the building.

As soon as the tax collectors disappear behind closed doors, prominent local businessman Maavu Arlintal climbs up onto a dais, raising his hand for silence. As the crowd slowly settles down, the tall and handsome 50-something man speaks, with firm resolution in his voice; “The Old Law of Peers has been invoked! The people will tolerate no more abuses! When those that claim to serve the law, and the people who live by the law, cease to abide by the very people they serve, then it is time for change. Is it not?”

The crowd roars to life at Maavu's words. His oratory is manner skillful, and full of sincerity. It does not sound rehearsed; it seems a passionate and intelligent appeal of common sense from a man who is educated in the field on which he speaks.

“Captain Skellerang, once our so-called defender, and keeper of the peace, and now bully and enforcer of the crippling extortions handed down by our governing officials, has been challenged to a duel of valor by none other than Alex Tercival! ”

The crowd roars once again, many with loud approval, some with slanderous comments aimed at Captain Skellerang, but others merely seem to be adding indiscriminately to the noise.

Maavu continues to speak, further inciting the passion of the crowd with his bold oratory, as he carries on about the injustice which is being committed against the good of the city, the crowd grows angrier and angrier.

“Certainly many of you are aware, that the laws of the city mandate that an issuance of the Old Law of the Peers MUST be publicized by the city council, why then has our governing body been silent? Why then have they tried to keep this matter from the attention of the public? Their omission is illegal, and proof of the ill will the lord mayor's advisors bear Cauldron's good citizens.”

The words of the fervor-filled merchant continue to imbue the citizens with a mounting rage. The people's anger culminates when Maavu points out the fact that a group of armed half-orcs is already harassing the town: “Skellerang is feeding a band of filthy half-orc thugs a large share of our bread!” he screams. Then, wading in the crowd of people, a human watch sergeant escorted by several half-orc mercenaries approaches the dais to arrest the merchant: “In the name of Terseon Skellerang, Captain of the Town Guard, I must arrest you!” he declares, addressing Maavu.

Suddenly, from within the angered crowd an unassuming youth draws a dagger from underneath his robe, and screams out, “Let's kill these half-orc brigands!” As his voice is drowned out by the roar of a hundred other people, the lad lunges at the nearest half-orc. In seconds, the mob erupts into a full-fledged riot.

Who Could Have Foreseen a Riot?

Not Maavu, apparently. But that's just what he gets.

Various provocateurs stab guards, mobs form, and a magical assassin-beast is summoned to take out Maavu. Maavu solves this by casting spells, then turning gaseous and fleeing.

The party rush to the front, save the Sergeant, kill the beast, and then beats retreat. Maavu stops to talk with Lelania, recognizing her as one of the helpful neighbors that just saved him. He is sad that there was a riot, but thinks this might be a good time to get out of town. The Party should come talk in Nearby Scenic Redgorge. Specifically, they should go to the Redhead Miner's Inn, and answer “morter” to the appropriate question. Then he drinks the other potion and flees some more.

The party decides that they would rather go home right now. So they do.

Shackled City Home
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