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Fire Elementals Can't Cross water.

(This information proves to be absolutely useless.)

The party heads home after the riot. Near the dock district they see a building on fire, which they soon learn was both a) where the orcish mercenaries were staying and b) the fire is due to fire elementals. A melee ensues and the orcs are reduced to either cinders or beat down to pulp since fire elementals still hit hard with physical attacks. The party is almost beat down to pulp but manages to eventually defeat the fire elementals. A guy shows up near the end who seems totally trustworthy, but the party is exausted from the riot and now elementals and heads to the temple for healing then home. While at the temple it is indicated a paladin hasn't been heard from and it is requested the party find him.

The various party members realize they are sitting on significant gold reserves and go shopping/gather information.

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