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The party determines to explore the rest of the temple.

On investigation, the top floor has a room full of fungus. After much discussion, the party leaves.

Investigating the bottom floor, the party discovers a pool swarming with half-dragon, half-kuotoan tadpoles. The tadpoles are eventually defeated, and the party climbs some stairs. At the top is a heavily trapped door, a trapped antechamber, and a room full of Dhorlot, The Dragon Father.

Dhorlot-the-dragon-father announced that he is hungry, and the party decides to leave. The wizard deduces that Dhorlot had recently lost a fight with Gotrrod, the red dragon terrorizing Crazy Jarrod, and retreated here to hide and heal.

After exploring a few workshops, the party decides to leave. Unfortunately, the Kuo-Toans fleeing from the party did not bring the boats back after crossing the lake. After some adventures in carpentry, the party crosses to the shore and camps in the boatman's hut.

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