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Loskid should take 2 Restoration at next session.

The party wakes up from their nap, and investigate the side rooms in the back of the temple. They are primarily filled with moldy scrolls. But they also have traps!

Investigating the top floor, the party discovers a monkish assassin Kuo-Toa, who apparently was hanging from the ceiling waiting for them. He stabbed many with poisoned daggers, then escaped briefly. Lelania rushed ahead to the next room, which was a corpse-filled ersatz throne room with an angry dwarf.

The dwarf fights with them while prophesying at them, and releases an invisible stalker. Loskid purges invisibility, and the party discovers the invisible stalker, the assassin/monk, and a giant carcerian sign on the dwarf's face.

The dwarf flees through a portal, and Melgarin follows and kills him.

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