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Session 17: Climb skill checks have an armor check penalty, who knew?

The party awakens from a spell-replenishing nap and after searching the immediate area and, not finding much of anything, proceed back into the cavern taking the right fork. Noticing a ledge with a small recess inside it, Loskid attempts to climb up while continuing to wear his heavy plate. He quickly learns that skills that are implied to rely on movement of the individual are negatively impacted by wearing 40 pounds of steel plating and proceeds to claw at the wall. The party gets a good laugh at this though no one attempts to show up Loskid, mostly since most in the party didn't have any points in climb.

Continuing forward the party finds a cave with a pile of bones stripped clean. Searching the piles leads to finding more bones. No one decides to take the bones, which all things considered is unusual for this group of adventures. Next they find a steep wall leading up into darkness. Moments later the darkness starts shooting crossbow bolts at the party. Hilde thanks to having a light source that extends significantly longer than a torch is able to discover that it is not the darkness shooting crossbow bolts but in fact more goblins. Melgarin attempts to flank the goblins by going back the way the party came while the ranged characters engage, a plan thwarted by the the rest of the party joining him on this maneuver. The goblins decide not to to try to pursue.

The party goes back to the fork and proceeds in the other direction where once again the darkness starts shooting crossbow bolts at the party and again Hilde sees that they are in fact more goblins. Deciding that it will be a pain to dislodge the goblins behind cover, the party fall back and tries to climb up a ledge that appears to lead to the goblin snipers. More climb check hilarity ensues. Elanor, having the most upper body strength of anyone in the party, manages to climb up to the ledge and drops a rope for others to climb up with. The rope fails to make it easier for the rest of the party to do so. Meanwhile a worg arrives and fights for awhile before running off after getting lightly injured. Eventually the party despite their best efforts manages to get up the ledge and clears out most of the goblins. Yet another goblin spellcaster appears and starts lobbing spells and Elanor chases him down across a rope bridge leading to the bridge getting lit on fire by him casting burning hands. Elanor throws a replacement rope across the cavern and Hilde secures it when a large pale bugbear arrives. Elanor tries to stab it and discovers it has an armor class of Everyone Run Away. She heads across the rope and everyone in the party retreats from the bugbear that after turning into a mist cloud to chase the party is concluded to be a vampire. The mist cloud catches up to Loskid who turns undead. It is unknown if this is successful, but the mist cloud proceeds to mist away back into the goblin fort, so everyone assumes St. Cuthbert came through this time.

The party advances into the fort and find a pair of lizards. Melgarin and Lelenia fail to hit the lizards who proceed to call lightning on most of the party. Eventually they defeat the lizards just in time to avoid going down in town legends as the party who survived encountering vampires twice but fell to someones exotic pets.

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