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Session 18: Loskid kills the vampire using Craft (carpentry)

With the knowledge that the bugbear vampire along with an unknown number of minions potentially lie somewhere ahead of them the party makes the tactical decision to charge forward relatively haphazardly. They quickly are 'successful' at locating the vampire's throne room along with several minions and moments later the vampire himself mists in. A melee ensues and somehow the party manages to slay the minions and a murderous throne construct thing and drive off the vampire without taking major losses themselves. The vampire mists yet again and heads into a dark cavern. The party follows and once again is reminded about the light radius of torches. Entering the cavern they are attacked by a dire bat. For once facing a single opponent they focus their attacks and bring down the dire bat. Regrettably this leaves them unable to question the dire bat to learn how exactly a dire bat can sustain itself in a smallish cave in the back of some dwarven ruins.

Continuing onward the party finds an recess in assessable via ladder leading to piles of random treasure and a hidden-ish location with the vampire's resting place. Lacking a stake, Loskid unveils his ultimate form and crafts wood into a very pointy piece of wood. This work of master carpentry is used to slay the vampire.

The day is saved, the party guesses. Maybe. After all, bugbear vampires are totally natural and couldn't be created by something more powerful, right? The party spends its time sweeping some of the cavern structure not previously explored. They find an ooze that trashes Melgarin's armor. Deciding this isn't a particularly useful discovery they advance further and find orcs and a dwarf of particularly grimy nature. The orcs and their dwarven employer who totally aren't associated with the crime syndicate in the city aren't directly hostile and the party decides its a good idea to indicate they are available for future quests. The party learns that there is a way out into the wilderness outside the city walls through the caves and they proceed back into the city.

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