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Session 16: The one with the cave octopuses

The party regroups and proceeds to try to clear the area of the dwarven basement before moving on. They run into a pair of goblins who somehow were oblivious to the last two days of basement warfare and quickly dispatch them. They keep exploring and find some rooms that goblins had been inhabiting.

Loskid pokes some rotten fish and finds a coin which he feels makes the fact he now smells like rotten fish better.

They find the head of the dwarf statue from the temple and return it. The magic cauldron is hauled back up to the bathhouse. They continue on into the cavern.

Loskid finds a magic amulet and puts it on. He can take it off so Hilde concludes it wasn't cursed. They advance into a back passage where a bunch of cave octopuses cast darkness and fall from the ceiling. A confused melee happens and half the party is almost strangled by the cave octopus things. Eventually everyone escapes and the octopuses go back to their lair. They decide not to attempt to fight the octopus things again.

Advancing into the cave they run into even more goblins, complete with magic and worg rider support. A fight ensues and the party gets really beat up. Several goblins escape. Exploring the area they find a ladder up where they find supply crates.

Loskid dives into more fish.

They proceed to a nearby room and rest for the night.

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