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Session 15: 6v6 Area Control, no rush 10 min

Its wererat o'clock and all the party except for Melgarin and Hilde are locked away. Elanor loses control and becomes a dire rat. Another night of banging and yelling comes from below the bathhouse. Investigating this is considered when the vampire fog from before drifts through the bathhouse and out the front door. The party tries to quickly remove the door barricade they made, but is unable to do so in time to see where the vampire went. Also a guard was there who informs the party they are under arrest. Hilde thinks the guard is under magical influence. The party decides to do the logical thing when city guard informs they are under arrest and lock the door and pretend no one is home. With the party needing sleep they decide whatever is going on below can wait until morning. The vampire mist returns and drifts back downstairs.

The next day the party discovers there are now 6 guards outside to arrest them. A debate on how to handle the situation ensues, with Loskid really wanting to be healed of lycanthropy today. Eventually Hilde decides she will be the distraction and goes outside to be arrested. She learns the guards in their current state see no difference between “arrest” and “beat to death with clubs.” Using an act of petty vandalism and expeditious retreat she proceeds to lead the guards on a merry chase across the city, allowing the party to leave the bathhouse. Loskid heads to the temple to be cured of lycanthropy and proceeds to try to haggle on a heal spell being offered well below market price. Eventually he agrees to pay the temple and after a few tries he is healed from being a wererat. The party sells the random gear they have.

Returning to the bathhouse after knocking out a random guard, the party proceeds to once again attempt to push forward. They discover during the night a bunch of dead goblins have been placed at the stairs making movement difficult and another barricade has been built. The party starts to investigate when they realize they are being attacked from the other side of the barricade. After comically piling on top of each other while tripping over dead goblins they decide it will take too long to bust through the barricade while under fire. Melgarin and Elanor head off in the only other passageway the party knows of to go around to the other side of the barricade. Meanwhile Loskid, Hilde, and Lelenia are ambushed by a Tiefling with a halberd and another goblin worg rider. Hilde's grease trick is not as successful this time, but Loskid is able to hold his position and Lelenia put enough arrows into the Tiefling and goblin to force them to fall back. This half of the party then falls back, in three different directions, while falling over goblin corpses. Meanwhile Melgarin and Elanor find even more goblins and some new spellcasters they haven't seen before. They clear their way around to the other side of the barricade and take over for Loskid. Eventually yet even more goblins are slain and the Tiefling and another spellcaster retreat. The Tiefling takes advantage of a race inherent spell-like ability to place Melgarin in complete darkness. By the time it dissipates she and the spellcaster are gone. Melgarin annoyed by the constant push/pull over this dark grimy basement charges off in the direction the Tiefling went in.

Also Lelenia was able to finally finish off that one goblin spellcaster that frustrated the party in sessions 12 and 14.

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