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Session 14: The party finds all the goblins they forgot about

The party realizes that the thing they just fought was probably a vampire. After some healing, the party debates falling back to rest and let the spellcasters refresh spells. Thinking that the area is probably clear they decide to first fully explore the area.

Loskid and Lelenia make many attempts to find hidden doors but do not find any. A room with a grate in the floor is found, and the party decides to pour water down it for some reason before just sending Elenor down to investigate finding some now-damp random items.

A desecrated Dwarven temple is found, and Loskid calls upon St. Cuthbert to fix a broken mirror he finds. Going in the other direction the party runs directly into all the goblins they managed to forget about. A fight ensues and despite some close calls eventually all the goblins are slain, except for a spellcaster who chugs a potion of invisibility and runs away.

The party decides it is time to rest and recover, and after some discussion heads back up to the bathhouse.

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